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Published by: Dave Alden on 27-Feb-23
The video presents Worldprofit's AI technology powered by Chat GPT, which is available for unlimited use by Silver and Platinum members only.



Worldprofit has introduced a new AI technology powered by chat GPT in their member area, which offers unlimited use to silver and platinum members only. This development is significant as it is the first time that AI has been seen in a form that helps individuals make money online, build websites, and create articles, copy, and SEO. George Koch, the CEO of Worldprofit, presents this new AI technology, and he states that access to chat GPT currently costs upwards of $20 and is only going to become more expensive. Therefore, this free feature for silver and platinum members is a major advantage for members of Worldprofit.




The AI technology can be accessed by clicking on the "Biz Builders" tab, and members can find it under "Money Makers" on the left-hand menu. If members do not have it on their menu, they can manage their menu and build it using a video tutorial. Users can use the AI technology to write articles by entering a subject, word count, and the product or service they are writing about. The AI then generates the article, which users can publish on their blog or use for newsletters, autoresponders, landing page builders, and more. The AI technology also generates content ideas, corrects grammar, and provides Twitter tweet ideas.


The AI technology is not limited to article writing and can be used for various other purposes such as answering questions better than Google, generating email copy, and improving sales scripts. It can also be used for SEO keyword generators, which is beneficial for internet marketers. Additionally, it is a great tool for Facebook promotions, and users can use it to write emails to answer questions or generate ideas for different parts of articles.


Worldprofit is covering the cost of Chat GPT for their members completely, making it a phenomenal and free feature for members. They can access it without any limitations and use it to generate and build on different content ideas. If members have any questions or issues, they can contact the support team, who will be happy to assist them.


In conclusion, Worldprofit's AI technology powered by chat GPT is a new feature that is free for silver and platinum members. It is a unique development that can help members generate articles, content ideas, and improve SEO. This new feature is not only useful for writing articles but can also be used for generating email copy, answering questions, and more. Worldprofit has made this feature available to their members at no additional cost, which is a significant advantage for those who want to improve their content marketing strategy.



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